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Women’s Support

Unemployment [particularly female] remains a huge issue in Bradford Moor. For this reason, PASS prides itself on supporting local enterprises;  particularly female entrepreneurs.


Women's Markets

The Women’s Markets are held annually. They are an opportunity for new businesses to showcase their wares, engage with the local community and provide an ideal low-risk platform for test trading new enterprises. We also find once they become more established, entrepreneurs keep coming back!

Located in Attock Park, just off Leeds Rd, the event attracts all of the local community as well as many passing through.  The events are geared around fun activities for the whole family including kids and adults and past events have attracted visitors in their hundreds!

The Markets have the capacity to house 40 stalls which are rented to entrepreneurs for a minimal cost. Proceeds go towards the running of the day and aiding PASS in providing a range of services. Therefore they remain committed to PASS’s philosophy of delivering not-for-profit events.

Women's Arts and Crafts

The Women’s Arts and Crafts program at Bradford Moor PASS offers a creative outlet for women to express themselves, learn new skills, and connect with others in the community. This program provides workshops in various crafts, such as painting, knitting, and pottery, allowing participants to explore their artistic talents. It’s a wonderful opportunity for women to relax, unwind, and engage in meaningful conversations while creating beautiful, handmade items. Join us and discover the joy of crafting in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Women's Gardening

The Women’s Gardening program at Bradford Moor PASS offers a green space for women to come together, learn about horticulture, and grow their own plants. This initiative encourages participants to cultivate both decorative and edible gardens, bringing a sense of accomplishment and connection to nature. Through hands-on workshops and community gardening days, women can share gardening tips, support each other, and enjoy the therapeutic mental health benefits of working with plants and nature. Join us to create a beautiful, sustainable garden and build lasting friendships in a nurturing environment.

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