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Community Garden

The Community Garden is an ongoing project following acquisition and clearance of disused land adjacent to Attock Park. It’s primary purpose is to provide the opportunity for an extremely diverse ethnic and faith community to come together and develop meaningful relationships. The activities offered, in our journey towards creating a community garden, provide the required catalyst for learning, conversation and fun.

The space also provides the perfect facility to teach young people about environmental issues, self sustainable and healthy living.

With support from Yorkshire Water, who have provided a 100 Tonnes of topsoil, a landscaping project has recently been undertaken to transform an area into a viable growing space.

The Community Garden will provide an open access  space for individuals, groups and families to utilise. There’s always room for people to get involved. 

Community Garden As it Grows

Our vibrant transformation of the community garden can be seen through a series of images. These pictures capture the garden’s development from its initial stages to a flourishing community space. You can see local residents actively participating in planting, tending to the garden, and enjoying the development. The end results reflect the collaborative efforts and the positive impact the garden is having on the community, illustrating growth, teamwork, and a shared love for the local community.

Community Garden Chill Center

The Community Garden at Bradford Moor PASS serves as a cross-generational and cultural chill center, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and each other’s company. This serene space not only encourages the growth of plants but also the growth of community bonds. Through shared gardening activities, cultural exchanges, and social gatherings, the garden becomes a hub of learning, connection, and relaxation, celebrating diversity and unity.

Community Garden Cooking Groups

The Community Garden Cooking Groups at Bradford Moor PASS bring together community members to cook and enjoy meals using fresh locally sourced produce or grown in the garden. These groups provide a wonderful opportunity for participants to share recipes, learn new cooking techniques, and appreciate the flavors of homegrown ingredients. By cooking and dining together, community members strengthen bonds, celebrate diverse culinary traditions, and promote healthy eating habits.

Community Garden BBQ Parties

The Community Garden BBQ Parties at Bradford Moor PASS are a delightful way to bring the community together. These events feature delicious barbecued food donated by the residents, creating a fun and festive atmosphere for all ages. Participants can enjoy a meal outdoors, share stories, and build stronger community ties. These BBQ parties celebrate the hard work put into the garden and grow a sense of unity and enjoyment among residents.

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