"The Cabin", 29 Rufford St, Bradford, BD3 8AX

Our Vision

“To make Bradford Moor (Bradford, West Yorkshire) a place that all residents and community members are proud to live and work in”

We have 5 strategic objectives, structured around our core themes;

  • Social / Business Entrepreneurship
  • Education and Training – Particularly around young people
  • Volunteers and volunteering
  • Employment and Training – Particularly around young people
  • Community Safety

 Diversity and Inclusion is a common theme which flows through everything PASS does.

About Us

 PASS was established in 2007 by a group of local professionals with the aim of mobilising the community in one of the most nationally deprived wards to create social and economic change.


The founding members all lived and grew up in the Bradford Moor area and feel passionately about making Bradford Moor a better, stronger and safer place.

Rooted firmly within the local community, PASS seeks to deliver bottom up solutions; enabling locals to develop practical solutions in response to community need.

PASS works in partnership with the local communities and statutory agencies to ensure all untapped and resources in the area are utilised to empower the community.

PASS operates out of the Cabin in to Attock Park;  located in the heart of Bradford Moor. The location is intended to be visible and accessible to the community it serves.


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