"The Cabin", 29 Rufford St, Bradford, BD3 8AX

Aiming to Mobilise the Community

Attock Park Bradford

About Us

PASS was established in 2007 by a group of local professionals with the aim of mobilising the community in one of the most nationally deprived wards to create social and economic change.


Local Support

Bradford Moor PASS enjoys the support of its local councillors. They use the PASS cabin as a point through which they are able to directly engage with the local community.

Advice and support surgeries are often arranged and held in the cabin. They are attended by councillors and are open to any community member needing information from, or wanting to speak with their councillor. Alternatively, you may use the ‘Chat to us’ page to post a question directly to the councillor of your choice.

Bradford Moor
Councillor Zaffar Iqbal
Bradford Moor
Councillor Mohammed Shafiq
Bradford East
MP Imran Hussain

Working with Organisations

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