"The Cabin", 29 Rufford St, Bradford, BD3 8AX

Community Empowering

At Bradford Moor PASS, we work closely with the community and local authorities to grow pride and self-respect in our locality. Our initiatives aim to empower residents by involving them in decision-making processes, addressing community needs, and promoting active citizenship. Through collaborative voluntary efforts, we strive to create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute to the betterment of Bradford Moor.


Attock Park Clean Up

The Attock Park Clean Up initiative at Bradford Moor PASS is a community-driven effort to maintain and beautify Attock Park and the surrounding areas. Volunteers come together to remove litter, plant flowers, and make improvements, creating a cleaner and more enjoyable space for everyone. This project encourages community pride and environmental stewardship, encouraging residents to take an active role in preserving their local living and recreational spaces.

Bonfire Support Group

The Bonfire Support Group at Bradford Moor PASS collaborates with fire services to ensure community safety during bonfire season. Volunteers actively patrol the area, reporting incidents and promoting firework safety. This initiative educates residents on safe bonfire practices, helping to prevent accidents and reduce fire-related risks. By working together, the community and fire services aim to create a safer, more enjoyable environment for everyone during bonfire celebrations.

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