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Homework Club

Delivering after school support and intervention work, the Homework Club aims to provide support to borderline C/D students and those failing to make progress.

The Homework Club works with schools on a referral basis. We work with schools to identify students falling behind/expected not to progress 2 sub-levels, and support them.

“Identifying young people with the highest needs”

We recruit experienced teachers to tutor classes of up to 5 children/young adults to ensure each receives individual attention and is able to progress.

As well as focusing upon specific areas of the curriculum and homework Help, the Homework Club actively promotes pupils confidence. This is achieved by encouraging of flexible learning styles, encouraging questions and promoting a safe, supportive learning environment.

The Homework Club supports the local schools, parents and pupils in the following ways;

  • Schools

Supported in achieving targets for 3-4 levels of progress by carrying out intervention

Receive support in ensuring 60% of pupils achieve essential GCSE Maths & English at C+

  • Parents

Opportunities created to become involved in children’s schooling

Potential to engage in English/Maths/IT support for parents to aid children

  • Pupils

Support tailored to each individuals needs

Small groups to ensure progress and create safe learning environment


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