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Youth Sports and Development

Engaging young people and focusing their energies in a positive manner

In the past, young people’s evening activities in Bradford Moor have been the focus of city wide attention. To tackle this, PASS has started an initiative to engage young people at who may otherwise engage in anti-social behaviours.

Activities are organised around times of peak disturbances. PASS works with a range of community and public sector stakeholders (including West Yorkshire Police) to plan the programme of activities. We aim to get young people to commit to an activity and engage their energies into positive activities whether; sport or self-development. We aim to ensure longevity  through organising sports tournaments and coaching to keep young people involved.

Take up of activities in the past has been phenomenal with many sports oversubscribed.  We aim to ensure activities take place locally (5 minutes walking distance) or provide transport. A range of our most popular sports activities include;

  • Football coaching and competitions
  • Swimming
  • Cricket Coaching
  • Snooker evenings

To keep in with our ethos of sustainability, we aim to help young people develop personally. As well as holding CV building and other professional development workshops, PASS aims to develop practical skills. We use the following activities to achieve this;

  • Saturday Night Barbeque
  • Music
  • Social/Community Projects

A popular extension of our offering of outdoor activities is a series of Food Preparation/ Hygiene courses.  Participants receive accreditation upon completion. There is also the opportunity to gain training in our community cafe. These activities have resulted in young people being able to find part time employment in restaurants and cafes.

We also engage with local Police, Council and Fire Services to  run community led initiatives to tackle social issues such as anti-social fires and illegal dumping. We also work with madressas to hold citizenship workshops and engage young people from different backgrounds.

All activities are supervised by qualified staff with backgrounds in community and youth work. All are familiar with the local area and have established good rapport with young people who use our services.

We understand the need to acknowledge young people’s successes and so hold award ceremonies to celebrate personal development and sporting achievements.


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